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FASFA – What is it and what do you need to do?


  If you are a parent of a child attending college or will be attending college in the fall, then…

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Love is in the Air


Every year on February 14th Americans are showering their loved ones with candy and flowers. Kids are giving hand written…

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5 Ways to Keep Your Identity Safe


Data Privacy is a big topic these days with hacking of private information from Target to Sony. Have you seen…

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With Teamwork, We Can Do More

Helen Keller Quote

Eight letter word that can change everything in your workplace. In 2015 the employees of Barr’s Insurance are using teamwork…

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What Do You Do With Your Toys for the Winter


As much as we all love driving down an old country road with the top down during the beautiful summer…

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Control the Chaos – 25 Ways to Organize


Is your house as hectic as mine, feel like clutter is everywhere and you have nowhere to put it? Especially…

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In The Spirit Of Giving

Salvation Army

December brings out the Spirit of Giving in people. Giving to the Salvation Army buckets; Giving to local food banks;…

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There’s No Place Like Home for a Car Accident

Backing out of Driveway

It is alarming how many collision claims I have filed over the past few years for people having accidents in…

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Flo Has A Great Discount For You!


PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE – We all see the famous Flo on TV commercials and may have thought about the Snapshot device…

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Top 10 Cars for Speeding Tickets

Speeding Ticket

Some of us have been there… Sitting alongside the road with other drivers gawking at you while the cop car…

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