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What you should know about flood insurance

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on February 27, 2017 Flood

You’ve probably heard this horror story before — someone loses a home due to a flood and learns after the…

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Afraid of Losing That Special Item?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on February 10, 2017 Special items

Receive that special (had to have item!) or buy an expensive item? Not sure how many people actually sit down…

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The Live vs. Artificial Tree Debate

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on December 5, 2016 Live Tree

The Christmas tree conundrum: real or fake? The kind of tree that adorns a person’s home during the holidays can…

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Black Friday Strategies

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on November 20, 2016 Black Friday Strategies

Add some strategy to your ‘Black Friday’ shopping If there’s anything more satisfying than melting into the couch following a…

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Municipality & Public Government Entity Insurance

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on November 7, 2016 Municipality, Township, Boro

Loss and risk exposures are two of many factors a public government entity must be concerned with every day. City…

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Top 10 Ways to Honor a Veteran on Veterans Day

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on November 7, 2016

Americans celebrate Memorial Day in the spring and Veterans Day in the fall. While it can be easy to confuse…

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Making a Case for a Fire-Wise Landscape

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on September 29, 2016 Fire-wise landscaping

You’ve heard all about the record dry weather across the country, and you’ve probably heard about the increased threat of…

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Modern Insurance for Your Classic Car

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on September 17, 2016

It takes more than age to make it a classic. A collector car isn’t just a way to get around.…

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After-School Safety Tips for Parents and Kids

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on August 30, 2016 Social Media Safety

Parents, class is back in session, so you’ve likely already reviewed the basic safety tips for kids who walk or…

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Insurance Tips for Back-to-School Time

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on August 22, 2016 College Insurance

College is expensive enough without finding out too late that an accident or theft isn’t covered under your current policies.…

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