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Safety While Shopping

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Safety shoppingWhile a lot of people look forward to shopping, others simply don’t.

Shopping isn’t always easy, is it?

First, we have to make lists (and check them twice).

Then, we try and shop for the best deals, which, let’s face it, aren’t always an easy thing to do.

So, as if it weren’t already a task, we also must be very aware of our surroundings while we’re out shopping. Unfortunately, women who shop alone and women who are shopping with small children tend to be the targets. It’s sad to say, but this is something we have to worry about.

Shopping with childrenMake sure your children are by your side or, if possible, in the shopping cart at all times. Even if they’re in your sight but a short distance from you, the unthinkable can happen.

Imagine this…You finally have some free time, some time for yourself. You decide to do some holiday shopping.

We all know how it goes, you get to the store and you can’t remember one of the items you had to get. You left your list on the counter, next to the pizza coupons. So, as you’re walking across the parking lot, you call home to ask what items were on your list.

Because you’re distracted, you’re not completely aware of your surroundings and something dreadful could happen.

Ladies, refrain from talking on your cell phones if you’re shopping alone.

Distracted shoppingThis makes you distracted and an easy target. If you ever feel uneasy or unsafe while shopping, request to be escorted to your vehicle.

Better to be safe than sorry!

Not only should we worry about our safety, but we must also worry about theft. This time of year is hard for a lot of people and, to some, desperate times calls for desperate measures.

For further advice, check out http://www.thenonprofits.com/safety.htm for safety tips.

Amber Fellows

Personal Lines Account Manager

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