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Winter weather IS BACK!!!!

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Winter weather IS BACK!!!! So, snow and ice removal season is HERE!!

Did you know, if you are “for-hire” and performing snow/ice removal for business or residential customers, you may not have the proper insurance coverage you’ll need to protect your clients and yourself  from a potential loss.

After finishing your part of the snow removal, this is the most crucial time a loss can occur.

For example, if a pedestrian slips, falls, and is injured in a parking lot you’ve plowed, shoveled, and salted, this could come back on you as a liability claim. The pedestrian may sue the property owner for bodily injury.

WinterNow, you had an obligation to remove snow and ice for the property owner.  Therefore, there was a transfer of assumed liability from the property owner to you.

Do you have the proper liability coverage in place to cover this risk transfer?

Most standard commercial insurance policies exclude this form of liability coverage.  And, this is just one of many additional exposures you may face.

So, if you’re not certain you would be covered, please contact a licensed professional at Barr’s Insurance for a free review of your current insurance program.

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