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Pumpkin carving and decorating tips

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It’s  time to buy your pumpkins for carving or decorating.  At a loss for ideas this year?  Continue reading to see the ideas and tips we put together for you.

If you like getting into the pumpkin and carving it out to create your masterpiece, then try one of these.

  • Find a pattern that you like and etch it into the pumpkin instead of carving it out completely. Pumpkin DecoratingPatterns can be anything that you like; flowers, leaves, spiders.  Don’t feel like you have the ability to sketch free hand?  Consider using a cookie cutter to mark the area to etch.
  • You could also gut the pumpkin and use the cookie cutter to mark the pattern you want to cut out.
  • Want to make a statement? Carve a message into your pumpkin.   “Beware”, “Stay away” are a few that come to mind.
  • Children always like to do the traditional face on pumpkins. Draw a few examples of noses, eyes and mouths and let them choose the ones they want to put together and see what they come up with for the face!

Don’t want to carve your pumpkin?  Paint works well on pumpkins and the possibilities are endless.

  • Paint your favorite cartoon character onto the pumpkin. Ninja turtles, minions, Scooby doo, Mickey Mouse, etc.   Or just paint a face and give the pumpkin some character.
  • Paint a scene on your pumpkin.
  • Tie dye your pumpkin with paint.
  • Spiders and creepy crawlers are easy to paint, make the pumpkin covered in different bugs for a creepy effect.

Pumpkin CarvingThere are so many ways to decorate a pumpkin.  Think outside the box and make a statement!

  • Stack your pumpkins and then paint or carve them for a larger effect.
  • Paint or carve the pumpkin and add hair or eyes with other vegetables for a real life pumpkin.
  • Get a larger size pumpkin, cut the top ¼ off and gut it. Now throw some ice in there and use it for a cooler for your Halloween party.
  • Use objects to decorate. Buttons, string, vegetables, grass, hay, gauze, etc.  You can use just about anything.
  • Have a bunch of little pumpkins? Make a wreath for your door.

These were just a few ideas.  I hope you have a scary wonderful pumpkin decorations for your lawn or porch this year.Pumpkin smile

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