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Living miles away from a body of water does not necessarily mean that you don’t need flood insurance. Consider this: if your neighbor’s swimming pool breaks and the water comes into your house causing damage, do you have coverage for the damage?  The answer is NO.  This is considered a flood and your homeowners insurance will not pay for the damage.

Whether you live a flood zone or a low risk area, you should consider a flood policy.  Here are a few facts about flood insurance to consider:

    • If you are purchasing a home in a flood zone, then your mortgage company will require you to carry flood insurance.
    • There is a standard 30 day wait period to purchase flood insurance
    • There is a Preferred Risk policy available if your home or business is in a low risk flood area at a lower cost.
    • Floods are the most common natural disasters in the world.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call Barr’s Insurance and speak to one of our trained friendly insurance agents to see how we can help you get the coverage you need.

Protecting the American Dream since 1873

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