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Property insurance provides financial protection in the event of a loss to a property that you own, rent or occupy. It provides protection for the building itself and in most cases, contents coverage for your belongings. Property insurance can also include personal liability to protect you when you become legally liable.

Property insurance can be insured in two ways:

    • Named Perils Coverage – Coverage only afforded for a specific peril that is named in the policy.
    • Open Perils Coverage – Covers all causes of loss unless specifically excluded in the policy.

There are several types of insurance valuations to choose from:

    • Replacement Cost Coverage – Replaces cost of your property regardless of depreciation, with like kind & quality at current prices.
    • Actual Cash Value – Provides replacement coverage minus depreciation.

There are a range of different property forms that offer various levels of protection, depending on your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask one of our expert insurance professionals about how we can help you protect what is yours!

Protecting the American Dream since 1873

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