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Workers Compensation Insurance

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Workers Compensation Insurance can be one of your biggest business expenses and Barr’s Insurance has many options to custom design a solution for you.

Since 1873, Barr’s Insurance has worked with many employers to conduct a thorough evaluation of your business and determine a unique solution to manage costs by:

Selecting the appropriate product design and shopping it with our many companies to find the best value.

  • Guaranteed Costs
  • Self Funding
  • Retro Programs
  • Dividend Programs

Working with employers to setup meaningful programs to control Workers Compensations claims.

  • Auditing
  • Setting up safety committees
  • Mode management
  • Safe work practices training

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Protecting the American Dream since 1873

8 Things to Know About Workers' Compensation

You are at work and fall off a chair, sprain your back while lifting, or get injured in an accident while driving a company vehicle. As a business owner you always want to make sure you are protecting your employees, but accidents do happen and this is why we have Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Here are some other things as a business owner you should know about Workers’ Compensation.

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