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Life Insurance

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What would happen if you or your love one didn’t make it home last night?  Would your family be able to cope with the loss of income that person provided?

Life insurance protects your family’s most valuable asset, earning power.  Benefits from a life insurance policy can be used for things like:

    • Mortgage payments
    • Preserving investments
    • College expenses
    • Debt reductions
    • Final expenses

There are many different types of life insurance to choose from:

    • Term Life
    • Universal Life
    • Whole Life
    • Return of Premium
    • Combination Product
    • Long Term Care
    • Annuities and IRAs

We all have someone we care about. Barr’s Insurance will be there to help you choose the right plan or mixture of plans to protect you and your family.

Protecting the American Dream since 1873

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