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Starting in Business as a Carpet Cleaner

Posted by jon on November 17, 2011

Going into business as a carpet cleaner can be a great way to make a living. However, running your own…

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Pennsylvania Business Insurance Basics

Posted by jon on November 10, 2011

A new business venture requires an investment of funds, time and effort, and these resources are precious and often in…

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Insurance Agency in Pennsylvania

Posted by jon on November 2, 2011

Residents of Pennsylvania and owners of businesses in Pennsylvania may be interested in the advantages of dealing with a Pennsylvania…

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Pennsylvania Business Insurance for Non-profit Organizations

Posted by jon on October 28, 2011

Does a non-profit organization need Pennsylvania business insurance? Although non-profit organizations are not businesses in the same sense as a…

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Help! I have been in a car accident! What should I do now?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on July 14, 2011

Car accidents happen every minute; do you know the steps you should take?

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Progressive Snapshot

Posted by websults on July 8, 2011

Get an insurance rate that’s based on how you drive, with Progressive’s Snapshot program. You can earn a discount by sending us a “snapshot” of your safe driving habits. How does it work?

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Do you Own a Classic or Antique Car?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on July 8, 2011

Many that own a classic or anque vehicle have a passion for it. It’s more than a car, it is your pride and joy.
If you own a classic/anque car and insure it on your regular auto policy, you may be shorting yourself with the coverage on it.

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Insurance Is Not Milk

Posted by jon on July 8, 2011

Strange title I know. But it’s a fact. Many Internet and fly by night companies have taken the importance of…

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Driving To Canada, Eh? What You Should Know Before You Go

Posted by jon on May 16, 2011

Are You Planning A Trip To Canada, Eh? If You Plan On Driving To Canada You Should Obtain A Canadian…

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The Case Againt State Minimums

Posted by jon on November 16, 2010

I’m assuming you’ve seen “Justin Case” from SafeAuto or the horribly digitized midget General on TV a time or two. …

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