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Insurance Is Not Milk

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Strange title I know. But it’s a fact. Many Internet and fly by night companies have taken the importance of insurance and turned it into like you’re shopping for milk….that it’s not that big of a deal which one you get as long as you have it and it’s cheap, you’ll be fine.  Cheaper milk may taste just the same as the pricier milk. However, insurance isn’t a one size fits all situation – 2% will always be 2% milk, but insurance isn’t always good insurance.

Case and point, my brother was in a car accident in 2000. His life flight, ICU stay and 2 weeks in occupational rehab cost just around $90,000.  State minimums, which can sometime be cheaper would only give you $15,000. You’d get the privilege to pay the rest or have that debt follow you forever!

What happens when you buy milk?  You go to the store, find the milk section, find what you think fits your needs (price, brand, what milk fat percentage), pay for it and you’re done. Pretty mindless, huh?  If the milk is bad, you throw it away, and go buy a new gallon, maybe a different brand. It may have smelled or tasted bad, but really, no harm, no foul.

If you’ve watched any TV in the past 5 years most insurance companies will direct you to go through the same process as you would buying milk. Go to the Internet, go to their little corner of net and find what you “need” and buy.  However, buy a bad “gallon” and the results may not be as simple as the sulfury smell of outdated milk.  You could end up paying out thousands out of your own pocket to fix your car or someone else’s hospital bills like my brother’s.

Over half of all insurance clients do not understand their home and auto policies. Insurance is extremely complicated, even for us trained professionals.  With everyone having different needs and little knowledge on how to protect it, do you think shopping for insurance should be treated as mindlessly as milk? We don’t think so either.

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