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Pennsylvania Business Insurance for Non-profit Organizations

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Does a non-profit organization need Pennsylvania business insurance? Although non-profit organizations are not businesses in the same sense as a retail shop or factory, it is probable that they will require some form of business insurance.

Non-profit organizations include non-government organizations like charities, churches and other religious groups, arts organizations, some museums and galleries. They may not be run with profit in mind, but like businesses, they need property protection from fire and theft, as well as financial protection against any lawsuits they may have to fight. Vehicles owned and operated by a non-profit organization need to be covered by commercial auto insurance policies rather than personal, as they belong to the organization rather than an individual.

Many non-profit groups are run on a modest budget and may lack the resources to cover the expense of a long legal process in the event of a liability claim. There are a range of different policies that reflect the risks faced by not-for-profits, including coverage for volunteer workers who may fall under a different category than employees and may not be covered under a standard workers’ compensation policy.

Pennsylvania business insurance products can offer options that may suit your non-profit organization. As with any business, it is important to make a thorough assessment of risks that may need coverage and put together the most appropriate package to suit the individual organization.

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