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Pennsylvania Business Insurance Basics

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A new business venture requires an investment of funds, time and effort, and these resources are precious and often in short supply.  Pennsylvania business insurance products including property, liability and workers compensation insurance provide coverage for a variety of business risks.

Property insurance reduces the exposure of the business to losses resulting from damage, destruction or theft of business assets including equipment, inventory items, raw materials and the business premises.  Any business is likely to be exposed to the risk of third party claims for injury, and liability insurance is designed to cover the costs associated with defending lawsuits brought by business clients, including unfounded or vexatious claims.

Insurance for property and liability protects the profits of the business from being eroded by the cost of repairing or replacing assets or paying a client’s medical bills. An uninsured disaster has the potential to wipe out all of the accumulated profits and force an enterprise out of business. Insurance protection means that the cash flow of a business is less vulnerable to disruption so that business can continue in spite of disastrous events.

Entrepreneurs invest in business ventures with the aim of receiving a return on their investments. Pennsylvania business insurance can protect a business owner’s investment, so that profits earned are not eroded by the cost of disasters, liability lawsuits, or other covered mishaps.

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