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Spring Maintenance Tips from HGTV

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on May 24, 2017 Clean Gutters

Spring Maintenance Tips – get your home ready for the summer weather, which includes lots of sunshine and possibly severe…

Making a Case for a Fire-Wise Landscape

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on September 29, 2016 Fire-wise landscaping

You’ve heard all about the record dry weather across the country, and you’ve probably heard about the increased threat of…

Is Your Contractor Covered?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on February 29, 2016 Examine Roof

Often times an uninsured contractor or “a handy guy” you know may be a cheaper outlet for you and your…

Don’t Let the Cold Get to Your Pipes This Winter

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on February 15, 2016 Frozen pipes

It’s hard to think of a worse start to a winter day than turning on the faucet and … nothing.…

Property Under Flood Water

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on January 26, 2016 30 day waiting period

Many of us don’t live near a river or stream and definitely not near an ocean. The threat of a…

KNOW WHAT YOU OWN-Household Inventory

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on January 16, 2016

Climate changes can cause the weather to do unpredictable things and homeowners can prepare for natural disasters by make home…

Doggone it!

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on September 3, 2015 Dangerous dog breeds

14 canine breeds that can preclude home insurance  by Jill Gregorie | 28 Aug 2015 A dog may be known…

Is your student covered?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on August 25, 2015 Is Your Student Covered

Information about your insurance coverages & services courtesy of Penn National Insurance and Barr’s Insurance:  You know your student is…

Relax, Not Worry, on Your Vacation

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on July 29, 2015 Beach vacation

Vacation time should be relaxing, whether you are going on a weekend getaway or a week beach vacation or a…

Spring Cleaning: Getting the cobwebs out!

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on March 15, 2015 Spring Cleaning

The sun is shining, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and the mop is waiting! Don’t go into shock—we know…

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