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Posted by Cheryl Pastor on February 7, 2018 Umbrella Insurance

Do I Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy? Many of us hear the words Umbrella Insurance and coverage amounts of $1…

Be Covered When Traveling Outside of United States

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on June 25, 2017 Travel Outside United States

Are you planning to travel outside of the United States on your summer vacation this year?  If you are, read…

What you should know about flood insurance

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on February 27, 2017 Flood

You’ve probably heard this horror story before — someone loses a home due to a flood and learns after the…

Afraid of Losing That Special Item?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on February 10, 2017 Special items

Receive that special (had to have item!) or buy an expensive item? Not sure how many people actually sit down…

The Live vs. Artificial Tree Debate

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on December 5, 2016 Live Tree

The Christmas tree conundrum: real or fake? The kind of tree that adorns a person’s home during the holidays can…

Why an Independent Agent?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on June 23, 2016

Not all insurance agents are the same! Choosing the right one can make a big difference – in price, service,…

Personal Umbrella Policy….What is it and who needs it?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on April 21, 2016 Umbrella

Umbrella insurance provides liability coverage over and above your homeowners or automobile insurance, including defense costs.  And potentially in some…

Is Your Contractor Covered?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on February 29, 2016 Examine Roof

Often times an uninsured contractor or “a handy guy” you know may be a cheaper outlet for you and your…

KNOW WHAT YOU OWN-Household Inventory

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on January 16, 2016

Climate changes can cause the weather to do unpredictable things and homeowners can prepare for natural disasters by make home…

Is your student covered?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on August 25, 2015 Is Your Student Covered

Information about your insurance coverages & services courtesy of Penn National Insurance and Barr’s Insurance:  You know your student is…

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