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Why Not YOU!

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Image from www.facebook.com/authorstevemaraboliI have been following Steve Maraboli on Facebook lately. I love to read his encouragement and upbeat style especially when I’m having “one of those days.

Steve Maraboli’s post this morning was entitled, “Why Not You?

As I read his article, I thought to myself, “Yeah! Why not ME?”

Why can’t I awake each day with a renewed sense of wonder?

Why can’t I start each day with a new beginning?

Why can’t I choose to leave the troubles and hassles of yesterday behind?

Why can’t I rise above the limitations that I have imposed upon myself and follow my dreams?

Steve raised many more questions in my mind as I read his post today. I am limiting myself with my own beliefs of Why I can’t instead of Why can’t I.

Say those two phrases to yourself….

Why I can’t


Why can’t I

Do you feel the energy shift between the two?

There is so much you can accomplish each and every day by just changing those last two word around.

Today is a new day!

Carpe Diem….Seize the Day! Each and every day.

It is up to you….you have the power and self-authority to say AND BELIEVE Why can’t I.

Comment below on how you would finish this line…”Why can’t I……..”


~Cheryl Pastor, Social Media Specialist

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