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What Protection Does Home Insurance Liability Coverage Provide?

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Many people are a little hazy about what coverage is provided by some of the insurance products they purchase. Knowing exactly what insurance protection is in place and what is included and excluded under the terms of your policies is vital for your peace of mind, so it’s a good idea to have a relationship with a Pennsylvania insurance agency where experienced staff can clarify some of the complexities of insurance products and help you to manage your insurance needs.

Homeowners often focus on the property and possessions portions of their home insurance policies and are unaware what liability risks are covered or excluded by their policies. The liability portion of a home insurance policy covers the risk of lawsuits filed when a person is injured on your property or suffers harm because of you, a member of your household, or in some cases the family pet.

There’s a need for liability protection in our litigious society. Your children may be well behaved and not given to playing pranks on guests, and you may not own a dog, but these days there’s always a risk of having to defend a lawsuit. The cost of defending a case could wipe out a family’s savings if adequate liability insurance is not carried.

Remember that owning a pet or a swimming pool may increase the risk of accidental injury to a person visiting your home. Read the terms of your home insurance policy and talk to your Pennsylvania insurance agency if you are unsure whether you have appropriate liability coverage.

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