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Are You Covered for Travel Emergencies?

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International TravelFor many us traveling to far off destinations is a way to relax and get away, but sometimes emergencies do happen.  Trip Insurance can help with some of those unexpected travel emergencies.

  • Trip Cancellation- One coverage travel insurance can cover is Missed Flights, canceled reservations and other expenses associated with an unexpected trip cancellation.
  • Medical Expense coverage-This coverage is great for when you are out of state and your normal health insurance policy won’t kick in. It’s also great when traveling in a foreign country and you have a medical emergency. Most include coverage for even the emergency flight back to the states or to fly immediate family to you while in the hospital.
  • Concierge Services:A plan’s services that include recommendations for restaurants as well as making reservations, purchasing event tickets, booking transportation, and more.
  • Financial Default:An airline, cruise, or tour operator that goes out of business with or without filing for bankruptcy.
  • Flight Accident Coverage:This is coverage for any accidental loss occurring during air travel.
  • Inclement Weather: Coverage for a cancellation or delays for flights or trips due to poor weather.
  • Terrorism:This includes any act of violence that results in major damage or loss of life from an individual attempting to gain control of a government or overthrow it.
  • Trip Delay: Covers expenses for food, lodging, and, in some cases, transportation if travel is delayed beyond a certain number of hours.
  • Trip Interruption:Injury, illness, strikes, weather or death that interrupts travel.
  • Additional AddOns- Some other benefits depending on the plan can be emergency evacuation, kidnapping ransoms andtheft. There can also be baggage loss or rental car liability insurance.

What is need for a quote?

In general, the destination, how long you will be gone and your current residence will be used to start.  They usually will want your age and who is in your traveling party as well.Relaxing

When you travel Internationally, Barr’s Insurance can provide you peace of mind while planning and enjoying that well deserved vacation with International Health Coverage. Click here to request a quote today.

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