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The Downside of Growing Older

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According to the 2010 Census, PA has about 2,702,603 residents aged 60 years or older. If you are in this age group, and are preparing for retirement, you might think of getting older as being a bit of a negative experience. But it doesn’t have to be thought of that way, and it’s important to put negative thoughts aside and ensure you have your health and life insurance up to date, and your will.

Probably the most obvious concern many older adults have is their health. Stroke, heart attack, arthritis – the list of potential medical issues could go on and on. Some people are also worried about losing their mental faculties. The important thing to remember is that eating healthy, and exercising, can reduce the risk of many health problems, and it could also provide an avenue for making new friends. Join a tai chi class, or bike riding group, and have fun while you work to stay healthy.

Getting older also often leads to people thinking about their mortality. It’s often a time when people review their estate planning, particularly their wills, and life insurance policies. Although it might be a depressing thought, discussing your funeral arrangements, and your finances, with your next of kin can be a good idea on a practical level. And, reviewing estate plans to ensure loved ones are taken care of can provide a sense of satisfaction that you will be able to make their lives easier, even though you are no longer here.

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