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Teen Drivers: Dangers on the Road

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In the Keystone State, teen drivers were responsible for over 27,000 crashes in 2010 alone according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. While Pennsylvania insurance may help limit the financial burden these accidents place on parents, it is even more vital to teach teens how to drive safely to help protect their own lives and that of the other drivers on the road.

  • Put a ban on driving with the stereo on during the first year of driving.
  • Do not allow your child to drive with their friends until he or she is confident behind the wheel. The added distraction could be deadly.
  • Nighttime driving is more dangerous as the dark makes it harder to see obstacles and there is a greater chance of alcohol being involved – or of your driver having to avoid an alcohol affected driver.
  • Require that your teen go through Driver’s Ed or a defensive driving course before being allowed to drive without an adult.

Seeing your child heading out into traffic as a novice driver may be a gut-wrenching experience. Talk with your kid about the responsibilities and potential consequences of driving before handing over the keys. Everyone makes mistakes when first getting behind the wheel. By making sure the vehicle is fully covered with Pennsylvania insurance, you may be able to minimize the expenses you face after an accident.

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