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TeamworkEight letter word that can change everything in your workplace.

In 2015 the employees of Barr’s Insurance are using teamwork to define their year.

What’s the big deal some may ask?

Not only will this benefit you as our customer but it benefits the employees as well.

While managing your own work load you sometimes get lost in the chaos of it, which causes stress. Stress can cause tension and tension can cause a bad work environment. Having a bad day causes work to get done at a slower pace as you may seem lagged down.

While working together as a team, makes for a lighter work load since you are helping each other out, lowers stress and increases work speed which in turn benefits our customers.

Recently it was asked for each employee in our personal lines department to write down their definition of teamwork and what it meant to them.

I took the opportunity to go to wikipedia.org and found this definition:

“work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole”

So my question to you is…

What is your definition of teamwork?

How does your business apply teamwork?

How do you inspire your team?

Send your response to kerrigoodman@barrsinsurance.com or comment below and I will do another blog on tips and tricks on how to boost your work environment.

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At Barr’s Insurance we believe the difference between success and failure is a GREAT team!

Kerry YashinskiKerri Yashinksi

Personal Lines Account Manager

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