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Safety Tips to Prevent Claims on Your Commercial Vehicle Business Insurance in PA

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Many businesses purchase vehicles for their employees to use while on the job. Doing so could help your business project a professional image to customers, both present and future. Before one of your staff members get behind the wheel, he or she should be added to your business insurance PA auto policy. It is also smart to apply the following advice to keep your fleet of vehicles well maintained and safe to be on the road.

  • Consider drawing up a calendar scheduling all the necessary maintenance needed, from oil changes and State inspections to tire rotation and windshield wiper replacement.
  • Put together a master key box with clearly marked labels, backup keys and a log to sign keys in and out. This may be useful in a number of ways, including having a mileage log to track vehicle use.
  • Store the titles, owner’s manuals and related paperwork for the fleet in a separate and secure location from the key box.
  • Encourage employees to share any issues regarding the vehicles before they develop into a serious problem. Use a trusted mechanic to give the fleet regular checkups.

Among the benefits of fleet coverage is allowing drivers to shift between vehicles while still remaining covered. It also could cut down considerably on the time and paperwork involved with multiple policies. With a business insurance PA policy for your vehicles, you could prevent a wreck from bankrupting your business. With thousands of dollars invested in your cars, coverage is a must.

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