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Renters Beware! Are Your Contents Covered?

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Do you rent or live with someone other than a spouse? If yes, do you know that your contents may not be covered in the event of a loss?For Rent

For very little cost at all, maybe even pennies a day, Barr’s Insurance can cover your contents at a full replacement cost value.

There are many misconceptions regarding renters insurance:
  • “It’s too expensive”- Prices can vary by location of where you are living, type of building the contents are kept in, your personal credit (See our blog http://bit.ly/1otBqA2), and the amount of coverage you need just to name a few. Barr’s Insurance has written policies for as low as $55 a year! That’s only $0.15 a day, less than an hour in a parking meter.
  • “It’s not necessary”- Many people think that if their landlord has insurance than they are covered as well. This isn’t true. The landlord covers the house itself and maybe the contents they own (Example: fully furnished apartment), but he/she does not cover your belongings. General coverage can be for fire, lightning, wind, smoke, theft, and possibly water damage.
  • “It’s not my responsibility”- Within your lease agreement you may be obligated to maintain the location premise. Along with your contents coverage, a renter’s policy includes personal liability coverage. Why is this important? If you are obligated to maintain the location premise and you do not clean off the snowy sidewalk then someone falls and sues because of this, you could be legally and financially responsible.

Personal PropertyRenter’s Insurance is very similar to homeowners insurance except you are not covering a house, only your belongings. Exciting news, you can still get a multi-policy discount just as if you were a homeowner, this discount alone on your auto could more than pay for the yearly cost of the renter’s policy!

If your son or daughter is heading off to college or you are renter and wanting to protect your assets give Barr’s Insurance a call (814-677-3012 or tollfree at 888-813-7500) today for a free quote or go to our website and Request Price Quote.
Unfortunately a loss can happen to anyone of us at any time and to very little cost to you, you can easily protect your hard earned belongings.

~Kerri Goodman, Personal Lines Account Manager

Kerry Goodman

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