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Rental Car Reimbursement – You Covered?

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Do you understand the rental car reimbursement coverage that is offered on your auto insurance policy?

Kid pushing carRental car reimbursement coverage helps pay for rental car costs when your car is disabled or damaged by a covered comprehensive or collision loss.  Such losses would include: an accident, animal collision, theft, damage from the weather to name a few.

This is an optional coverage and is usually purchased on a per day limit with a maximum of 30 days payout.

If you are considering purchasing this coverage, consider this question.

Can I afford to pay out of pocket expenses for a rental car if my own is damaged and needs repaired?

This coverage is usually inexpensive to purchase on your auto policy.Car in garage

Rental car reimbursement does not cover to rental a car if your car is broke down, scheduled for regular maintenance for if you are on vacation.

Questions, talk to your agent!! You can learn more about auto coverage here: http://bit.ly/1sZb4IS

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