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Put Your Best Pumpkin Forward

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Now is the time for ghosts and goblins, witches and black cats, tricks and treats, and, of course, decorated pumpkins! I remember in years past, going to the local farmers market, picking out the best and biggest pumpkin that I could carry, to carve into the traditional pumpkin face with my kids and later with my grandkids. You know, the two triangle eyes, triangle nose, and three toothed mouth.

You cut out the top, scoop out the seeds, and then carve with an X-Acto knife. Once carved, you make sure you have a flat spot for the candle and you are good to go!

There are so many other ways to add some more creativity to your “basic Halloween pumpkin” that can itself be so amazing and add to your overall decorations or be the focal point itself.

To add to the “basic” or better design, draw your design on the pumpkin first. You can use a template that you can buy at your local Wal-Mart or print off the Internet. If you are really artistic, draw your own unique design freehand. Use the tip of a potato peeler to make the small circles & curves.  Better Homes & Gardens suggest using an apple corer or drill to create holes in a decorative pattern. You can create words, letters, or designs. Put several pumpkins together in a complete pattern.

Another option is to paint creative designs onto your pumpkins alone or in combination with adding decorations or carving. Use templates or draw free-hand if you are more artistic. Let children decorate with stickers, paints, or markers.

An easy, inexpensive,  but creative option is to use items around the house, such as nails, screws, bottle caps, spoons….be daring! You can also carve them out and use them as flower pots for your Fall Mums!

To protect and extend the life of your pumpkin, seal the cut edges with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil or simply cover it with a damp towel when it is not on dislay.

Whatever way you choose, step out of the box and be creative! After you check out some of the Best Pumpkin Carvings Ever according to This Old House at http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/photos/thumbnails/0,,20314743,00.html visit our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/barrsinsurance) and post your ideas for creative pumpkin carving this Halloween and let’s get decorating!

Cheryl Pastor – Social Media Manager

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