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Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Premium, do you know what causes it to increase?

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Do you know the driving factors of Pennsylvania Homeowner’s Insurance premiums?  You may be surprised.  Most homeowner’s insurance premiums are based on what you would expect, such as the physical details of the property, overall construction costs in your area, and the type of coverage you want for the house (replacement cost or actual cash value).

There are several other factors that can drive your homeowner’s premium that many people may overlook, and these generally refer to liability issues.

  • Certain dog breeds (such as aggressive or violent dogs)
  • Exotic pets
  • Alternative heat sources (wood or pellet stoves)
  • Trampolines
  • Swimming Pools
  • Tree houses
  • Home-based businesses

Each company has its own set of guidelines when it comes to liability issues.  Your insurance company may not deny you coverage, but they may charge you more if you have certain risk factors.   You may want to check with your Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance carrier to find out the particulars for your company.

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