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Oh No! I’ve Lost My Diamond!

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What happens if you lose one of those new diamond earrings your husband gave you as a Christmas present?

Would Grandma’s expensive antique vase be covered when Junior accidentally knocks it over and it breaks?

Your new Canon Rebel t3i fell out of the case onto the pavement and now the lens is cracked….ruined?

Not necessarily if you have them covered with a Valuable Items Insurance Policy or under a special Valuable Items endorsement on your Homeowners Policy.

A Valuable Items policy not only allows you to cover these more expensive items, it allows you to have coverage for items

that are lost (mysteriously disappeared) or broken. It would cover that stone that fell out of your diamond engagement ring.

It allows for additional categories of personal property coverage. These categories include jewelry, silverware, stamp and coin collections, musical instruments and electronic equipment, just to name a few.

Smaller items can have “blanket” coverage, whereas more expensive items will be scheduled, or specifically listed with a detailed description and appraised value. There is

no deductible on scheduled items.

Your agent will explain what can be covered and help you with your list of items, along with explaining what perils would be covered.Give your Account Manager a call today to discuss coverage for those special items!

You can get that beautiful diamond necklace for Valentine’s Day and know it will be covered!

~Cheryl Pastor, Social Media Specialist

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