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12 Steps to Preparing and Canning Homemade Marinara Sauce

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Did you enjoy your summer gardening and now have a bounty of beautiful tomatoes?

Here is way that you can  making a delicious sauce that you will enjoy with your family and friends throughout the winter.

  1. Select and rinse off tomatoes.
  2. Heat a pan of water until it starts to bubble. Drop a few tomatoes into the water for about a minute, take the tomatoes out and drop them into cold water that is in the sink
    Par tomatoes in hot water
  3. Cut off the stem end of the tomatoes and you will find that the skins are easy to remove from the meat of tomato by hand or kelp with a sharp knifePeel back the skin
  4. Drop the skinned tomatoes into a large pan to cook down for about two hours taking care to occasionally stir them.Cook skinned tomatoes
  5. Add tomatoes paste to get the consistency of sauce that you prefer and cook for about another 45 minutes. Add a pinch so of baking powder that will help take some of the acidity out of the taste. Also add about few table spoons of olive oil to mixture.Cook the sauce
  6. Cut up fresh basil ( or oregano if you prefer), parsley, onion, minced garlic, and green peppers and add to sauce with salt and pepper to taste.Ingredients for sauce
  7. Cook for about ½ hour then add some sugar to taste. Please make sure you stir often because sugar in sauce will burn on bottom of pan and will change the taste. Cook for about another 5 minutes.

Remember that the ingredient quantities are a personal choice so adjust to your taste or consider using some of you other favorites.

Canning your homemade sauce

Canning is actually a very easy process and it will make you smile as you prepare and share your favorite marinara sauce based meal with your family and friends through the winter. The canning process is pretty much the same with what ever preserves you choose with the difference being in the preparation of your product.

  1. Clean all your canning jars and lids in hot soapy water and place in cold packer in the elevated position and bring the water to a boil. Please remember to only fill your cold packer with about 2/3 height in water.Prepare your jars and lids
  2. Heat up your jar lids in small pan
  3. Remove cooking sauce from stove and place near sink
  4. Pull out your jars from cold packer and fill each jar to about ¼ inch from top of jar, wipe around mouth of jar and place hot lids on the jars and tighten. Replace in cold packer.
  5. After all jars are filled, place the rack with jars to bottom of pan bring the water to a hard boil for about 40 minutes.Finished productsJoe Pastor


Joe Pastor



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