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Love is in the Air

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LoveEvery year on February 14th Americans are showering their loved ones with candy and flowers. Kids are giving hand written cards to friends and teachers. Husbands are romancing their wives.

Love is in the air.

No matter long you have been with your significant other, gift giving can be difficult, especially for men. Most men wouldn’t be too impressed if they received a delivery of flowers at work whereas women would be thrilled.

Valentine’s Day is a bit easier for married couples, especially those with children.

“Honey, I have a babysitter coming, let’s go out to dinner” is a very simple and easy gift.

(Almost any parent would be thrilled with a romantic dinner for two.)

Some more traditional gifts are the typical flowers, candy and jewelry. Sometimes it is nice to put a twist on things though:

Fill up the wife’s car with gas and give it a good cleaning

Buy an all-day trip to a spa with all the works (and schedule it for her!)

Opportunities are endless in marriage and parenting!

If you are new into a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be a stressful and awkward time. Try not to give a gift that is embarrassingly intimate or that is overly expensive.

If you noticed your significant other eyeing down a new article of clothing or casually mentioned they need a new purse or wallet, take the opportunity to give those gifts. Keep in mind your date may feel awful if their gift doesn’t measure up to yours and also don’t give a gift that may insinuate any feelings of commitment that could cause pressure in the relationship.

For kids giving gifts, keep it homemade. Who doesn’t love a colorful picture drawn by a little one? Any grand-parent, aunt/uncle or teacher should love the time and effort your little one put into their gift.  If you are insistent a gift must be given, try of a simple single flower or a box of chocolates.


For the class exchange, instead of having 20 “To: ____” for the teachers to separate out, do 20 “From: ____” this makes it much easier for the teachers and/or students to pass out.

If you want to buy a gift for your child, this is the easiest one of all. Children love surprises and any parent should know the latest fascination their child has.

If your child is age appropriate, take him/her out to dinner for some one-on-one time with mom or dad and maybe go to the movies. Tell your child about your memories of Valentine’s Day and the first time you celebrated with their other parent.

The most valuable piece of advice is to remember the purpose of the day is to

show love and appreciation to our loved ones.

While February 14th is marked on the calendar every year and gives a reason to romance the ones we care for, don’t let it stop you from finding unique and creative ways to bless them with your love year round.

Kerry YashinskiKerri Yashinski

Personal Lines Account Manager

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