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Keeping Cash Flowing in your New Pennsylvania Business

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Unless a business owner has a healthy cash reserve it’s likely that cash flow will be uneven in the first months and years after launching a new business. Purchasing Pennsylvania business insurance can protect the business from having to use business funds to recover from disastrous events like extreme weather, fire or accident.

A small business owner can help to maintain smooth cash flow by carefully managing finances.

  • Submit sales invoices as soon as possible after goods or services have been provided.
  • Offer incentives for upfront payment and speedy payment of sales invoices.
  • Chase overdue sales invoices until they are paid.
  • Pay purchase invoices on the date they fall due.
  • Negotiate the longest possible payment terms with suppliers.
  • Operate frugally, eliminating waste and unnecessary spending.
  • Know what your costs and expenses are, and seek every opportunity to reduce them.
  • Monitor bank accounts constantly and transfer any spare funds into accounts that earn interest.

A business that does not manage cash flow well or carry Pennsylvania business insurance protection for the risk of disaster is in a vulnerable situation. The cost of accidents and mishaps can drain business capital and without funds to sustain it the enterprise may be forced out of business.

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