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How to Ensure Your Home Fire Evacuation Plan is a Success

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No doubt some homeowners who have experienced house fires were very grateful they had their Pennsylvania insurance to call upon to provide some financial compensation for their damaged house and belongings. These individuals may also know how vital a solid evacuation plan is for their family’s safety. Have you taken the time to create a plan for your household?

  • When creating a map of your home, it is important to be detailed. Include all levels in your drawing, as well as each door and window.
  • Map out at least two different exit routes from each room if possible.
  • Fires could occur at any time. It is essential you make your children aware of the dangers of fire and the need for quick evacuation as you may not always be home or be able to reach them.
  • Young children, elderly family members, as well as disabled loved ones each need to be considered when creating an evacuation plan as they are likely to need help to escape the house.

Like obtaining a Pennsylvania insurance policy, creating a family evacuation plan is a small task you could do that may go a long way in benefiting your household. Take the time to sit down and get started today.

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