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How to Attract Customers During the Summer

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With all the various pastimes to fill the day, some businesses suffer during the summer months. Before you begin your marketing campaign, you may want to check the sufficiency of your business insurance PA – more customers means an increased risk of liability. Once you are sure you are adequately covered, turn your attention to promoting your business. What do you need to do in order to bring more traffic to your business this summer?

When concentrating on expanding your customer base, numerous ideas might come to mind. Not all will be appropriate for your business. Here are two to consider with your own list of possibilities.

  • Draw a crowd by teaming up with other local business owners to arrange a free festival at a local park – but be sure to get any required permits and permissions first.
  • Offer a summer themed special.  This might involve giving away a promotional item that’s relevant for summer (shade umbrellas or drink coolers for example), or something equally as summery that’s free with a particular purchase.

No matter what marketing gimmick you choose, having a comprehensive business insurance PA policy is vital. Liability lawsuits could cause a black mark on your business, but with the right coverage, you could avoid the financial burden associated with such claims.

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