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How Gas-Powered Homes Can Lead to Pennsylvania Insurance Claims

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Does your home run on natural gas? Then you should definitely invest in Pennsylvania insurance. Gas is one of the most proficient ways to heating a home, but it does carry risk. Have you ever experienced a gas leak? This could cause health issues and should a spark ignite at the wrong time, a home explosion. Take precautions against this hazard and be one of the many people who opt to install a natural gas detector in their home.

There are a few things to consider when installing a natural gas detector. Where is the best place to install it? You should take into account the distance between the source of natural gas and the detector, making it as short as possible. You should also place one on every floor of your home.

When your detector signals a gas leak, leave the house immediately. Even if you are able to remedy the ‘leak’ immediately (for example, you realize the burner on the gas stove is on) you should leave the house as an explosion could still occur. Do not use your phone, not even your cell phone, inside the residence. Phones could produce sparks, which in turn could ignite the gas. Do not stop to unplug any devices either. Take the quickest exit outside and do not re-enter the house until it has been thoroughly inspected by a professional.

Knowing how to handle a gas leak is the first step in preventing a catastrophe. Even though the cost of a gas explosion may be covered by your Pennsylvania insurance, your goal should always be to prevent such incidents from occurring.

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