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If my car has a mechanical breakdown, will my auto insurance cover a rental car?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on June 26, 2014

No.  Rental car coverage is only for covered losses to your car.

If my garage catches fire and my car is parked in there, does my homeowners insurance cover my car?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on June 26, 2014

The answer is NO.  Homeowners policies have an exclusion in them that does not provide coverage for motorized vehicles that…

If I let someone else drive my car, does my car insurance pay if there is an accident?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on June 26, 2014

Pennsylvania state law is that the insurance follows the vehicle.  So if you let someone driver your car, then the…

Do I need more than state minimum coverage?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on June 26, 2014

Yes you should carry more coverage than what the state minimum is.  State minimum coverages are not going to protect…

What is the difference between collision and comprehensive Insurance coverage on my auto policy?

Posted by Cheryl Pastor on June 26, 2014

Comprehensive (Other than Collision)- covers named perils other than collision such as; fire, hail, vandalism, theft, flood and hitting an…

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