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My Gifts are Gone! Now what!

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  • My personal computer was stolen from my car. It has a value of $2,500. How much will I be paid? $1,500 if I have a cable that allows me to plug it into the car’s power outlet. $2,500 if it can’t be plugged in because I don’t have a power cable.
  • Police are looking for a group of robbers who stole $1,000 worth of gift cards from a car parked at a Scottsdale home.
  • More than $200 in electronics intended as Christmas gifts were stolen from an unlocked vehicle, police said.
  • During the reception, video surveillance showed a family member of the bride and groom putting gifts on the back seat of a vehicle, and after they returned with more gifts, they noticed the first gifts they carried to the car were gone. It’s estimated the value of the stolen gifts was between $3,000 and $5,000.

These are headlines and stories of true events. With the largest shopping day of the year swiftly approaching, Black Friday, shoppers will be piling their vehicles full of gifts to share with family and friends. This is also a time when thieves are scanning parking lots for easy preys.

If this happens to you, where is the coverage for this loss? In your Automobile policy? Your Homeowners policy? Your Personal Effects policy? This can be very confusing to most people especially after suffering the loss in the first place.

Below are a few guidelines that may help:

  1. If the item is connected to your automobile, such as a stereo, coverage may be able to be found under your Auto policy’s Comprehensive coverage, subject to your deductible.
  2. For items such as gifts that are not part of your car, you may be able to find coverage under a Homeowner’s or Renter’s policy also subject to your deductible.
  3. A Personal Effects policy can cover items such as cameras, computers, jewelry, etc., that you own and may have in your vehicle.
  4. Remember that your claims are subject to any deductibles stated in your policy and each deductible is considered a separate deductible so if you claim some items under your auto and some under your home, you will be have two separate deductibles.
  5. Call your Account Executive or Account Manager at Barr’s Insurance for answers to what your policies specifically cover.
  6. Put your gifts and valuables in your trunk or conceal them as best you can.
  7. Always lock your vehicle and roll up your windows when leaving it in a parking lot.
  8.  Thieves look for shoppers who drop off their gifts and go back for more shopping. Avoid unloading gifts or move to another parking spot.
  9. Do not leave gifts in your car overnight if not in a secure garage.
  10. Never leave your vehicle unattended and running.

Keep your vehicle and gifts safe and secure. Happy Shopping!

~Cheryl Pastor, Social Media Manager

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