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Have a Better Gardening Experience

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Here’s a few Gardening Tips & Tricks to make your gardening experience better!

  • Homemade weed killer: 1 gallon white vinegar, 1 cup table salt, 1 tbsp. liquid dish soap

Weed Killer

  • Pinch the tips of your herbs (off) to encourage beautiful and healthy leaves
  • Strategically place plastic forks around your plants to keep pets and animals from eating your garden
  • Apply compost about 2 -3 weeks before you plant


  • Vegetables need at least 6 hours of sun every day, and prefer 8 hours
  • Throw compost into in hole for vegetable before transplanting
  • Water when transplanting


  • Mulch to prevent weeds
  • Use newspaper as weed barriers, they are printed with soy ink and decompose. Do not use the glossy advertisements
  • Use duct tape wrapped around your fingers to eliminate squash bug eggs and nymphs
  • Epsom salt is a great way to get magnesium to your plants


  • Use organic or heirloom seeds
  • Try companion planting for pest control and crop productivity
  • Sprinkle your cabbage (or other Brassicas) with 50/50 of baking soda and flour to rid cabbage worms

Happy Gardening!

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