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The Right Fire Extinguisher for the Job

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Do you have the correct type of fire extinguisher for your needs?  Different types of extinguishers are designed to fight different classes of fire.

Types of Fire ExtinguishersWater & Foam – These are generally a large silver extinguisher that are filled about 2/3 with ordinary water, then pressurized by air. They are used to fight class A fires ONLY.

Carbon Dioxide – Also known as CO2s, are recognized by its hard horn and lack of pressure gauge.  They are filled with non-flammable carbon dioxide gas under pressure.  Used to fight class B & C fires.

Dry Chemical – The most widely used type of extinguisher today comes in a variety of types.

          DC – Dry Chem

          ABC – Designed for class A, B & C fires (most popular)

          BC – Designed for class B & C fires

Dry Chemical extinguishers put out the fire by coating the fuel with a thin layer of dust and interrupts the chemical reaction to the fire.  You will recognize them by their red color, gauge and they may have a hose attached.

These are the most common types of fire extinguishers.  There are many others out there to fit everyone’s needs.  It is critical to know what type of fire extinguisher you are using.  Using the wrong type of extinguisher for the wrong type of fire can be life threatening.

If you missed our last blog on the different classes of fire extinguishers, you can read it here.

To make sure you have the right fire coverage for your needs, contact one of our knowledgable agents and learn more at www.barrsinsurance.com

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