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Final Expenses – Should You Leave Them for Your Loved Ones?

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No matter how old or how healthy you are, you face the chance of dying tomorrow. With this possibility hanging over your head, it is best to plan for an untimely demise by purchasing life insurance. Some PA residents do not obtain policies because they believe their funerals will not cause any undue financial burden on their families. Is this correct?

Funerals nowadays cost a pretty penny. Forcing the loved ones you leave behind to pay for yours could easily push them into debt. Why are funerals so expensive? Below are some of the things that are commonly included in final expenses.

  • From the aid of the director to preparing the body, paying the funeral home for its services often requires a good chunk of change.
  • The rental of a hearse for the body and a limousine for the immediate family members is often part of funeral costs.
  • When you choose a burial, you may be looking at a several thousand-dollar price tag when you consider the cost of the casket, grave plot, and headstone.
  • In addition, flowers for the funeral as well as food for the wake are other expenses that may need to be calculated into the final total.

With the simple purchase of life insurance, you could take the burden of your funeral off the shoulders of your loved ones. To obtain a policy to cover your final expenses, phone one of our agents now.

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