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Fighting Office Obesity

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As a great boss, you may want to offer your workers the inexpensive coverage of a small business health insurance in PA. The problem is that these policies may only be as affordable as your employees are healthy. With obesity being a growing problem in this nation, many of your workers may suffer from excess weight. Help them reach a better level of health and decrease your insurance premiums by making these changes to your office.

  • Replace soda machines with ones stacked with flavored water.
  • Remove snack machines filled with salty, fattening foods. In their place, install machines offering healthier snacks, such as pretzels and trail mix.
  • Ban cakes at office birthday parties. Take the initiative to find alternative sweets, such as sugar-free Jell-O and berries topped with fat-free whipped cream.
  • Start a lunchtime walking group that meets every workday.
  • Offer to compensate employees who obtain gym memberships.
  • Hire a personal trainer to lead a few group exercise classes once or twice a month.

Unfortunately, deskwork is a common reason behind obesity. With people stuck sitting at a desk for the majority of their day, it is often hard to get in shape. By living by example and making the above modifications to your business, you may be able to inspire your employees to work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which in turn could decrease the costs of your small business health insurance in PA.

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