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Electrical Safety with Pennsylvania Business Insurance

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Pennsylvania business insurance coverage for your enterprise must include a workers’ compensation policy if you have one or more employees. Workers’ compensation insurance compensates employees who are injured at work, but it’s important to create a safe working environment for your employees. Not sure where to start making the workplace safe? Let’s look at electrical safety in your business premises.

To avoid trip and fall accidents, keep floors and walkways clear of trailing electrical cords and connections.

Extension cords can make life easier, but they can also be a fire hazard. A light extension cord has not been designed to carry a heavy electrical load; overloaded extension cords get hot, and they can get so hot that they melt or catch fire. Don’t use an extension cord to connect to an appliance unless you are sure that the extension cord has been designed to carry the electrical load of the device.

Fuses that frequently blow, circuit breakers that often trip, electrical outlets that feel warm and flickering lights are all signs that electrical circuits may be overloaded. A need to use extension cords, power boards and double adapters indicates that there are insufficient power outlets for the electrical devices you use in your business. To avoid the risk of overload and fire, ask a licensed electrical contractor to quote for electrical repairs or upgrading.

Emphasizing electrical safety in the workplace safety can reduce the accidents and fires. Talk to your agent or insurer if you’re uncertain what electrical repairs are covered by your Pennsylvania business insurance.

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