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Workers’ compensation coverage is a Pennsylvania business insurance product that must be carried by all Pennsylvania employers. Coverage compensates workers for costs associated with work-related injuries and illnesses, but responsible employers take steps to minimize the risk of their workers coming to harm in the workplace.

How can you minimize the risk of work-related illness and injury, and create a safer working environment for your employees?

  • Identify workplace hazards. Look at the working environment, machinery and processes, and encourage your workers to report and discuss hazards that they encounter.
  • Take action to control hazards by maintaining a safe environment and modifying unsafe work processes.
  • Make sure that the equipment your workers use is safe, and provide protective clothing and other safety gear.
  • Have everyone in your workforce trained in safe working practices, and monitor their compliance with safety rules and policies.
  • Involve workers in developing and maintaining your business safety program.

It’s impossible to eliminate all hazards from the workplace, but focusing on safety may significantly reduce the incidence of work-related accidents and sickness. By creating a safer workplace culture, a business owner protects workers from harm and is also likely to benefit financially: a safer workplace may mean higher productivity and profitability, and fewer workers compensation claims may mean lower workers compensation premiums and reduced Pennsylvania business insurance costs.

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