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Can You Reduce Tornado Damage?

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One of the most frightening displays of Mother Nature’s fury is the tornado. Your Pennsylvania insurance may help pay for the damage caused by a twister if you have the appropriate coverage, but it is ultimately better to prevent as much destruction as you can. Here are some of the means home owners have used with a view to minimizing risk and damage. Would any of these improve protection at your home?

  • Replace old windows with impact-resistant varieties.
  • Install storm shutters on all windows.
  • Replace the hinges, latches, and locks on your exterior doors with ones designed to withstand high winds.
  • Add additional screws to secure the doorframes of exterior doors to your house.
  • Replace sliding glass doors with impact-resistant laminated glass doors.
  • Replace your current garage door with a stronger one.
  • Strengthen French doors by installing wood stiffeners.
  • Get a professional to brace your roof’s gables.
  • Have metal fasteners installed to reinforce roof connector points.
  • Retrofit the walls of your home with proper anchors to the foundation.

Making the above changes to a home could reduce the risk of damage, which often translates into a better deal on Pennsylvania insurance. It could also mean less clean-up to deal with once the storm has passed. Of course, a tornado could decimate your entire home if the home is directly in its path, which is why it’s always important to make sure you have enough coverage to rebuild the structure completely.

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