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Budgeting Your Business Time

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The owners of small start-up businesses in Pennsylvania have many resources at their disposal to help manage their enterprises. There’s hardware and software to manage all those tedious clerical chores, business consultants to help with managing specialized tasks like marketing and accounting, and Pennsylvania business insurance to help manage the risks of a business enterprise. How do you manage that precious commodity, your time?

It can be tempting to spend every hour at your disposal on working to build a successful business. While this is admirable, working long hours is not good for your health or well being and can put strain on your relationships with those that are closest to you. Managing your time better can help you to work more effectively and give you free time to nourish yourself, your family and your friends. There are three simple rules to managing your time:

  1. Prioritize your time. Consider what tasks are most important for your business success.
  2. Focus your time on high priority tasks. Complete these tasks first before you start on lower priority work.
  3. Plan your time realistically. Scheduling back-to-back appointments may look efficient on paper but it only takes a small delay to throw your well-laid plans into chaos.

Pennsylvania business insurance is designed to protect your business assets and help you to manage your finances well. The secret to managing your time well is to have a strategy that determines how and when your time is used – like a financial budget, except that it’s for time. Create a realistic time budget and follow it, and you’ll reap the benefit of spare time that you can use for enjoyable, non-business pursuits.

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