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Simon Says Stay Active

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Video GamesAnother summer has passed and we are all saying how quickly it went by. For me, the evenings at the playground and weekend trips to the zoo with my child came to an abrupt end. Now as the leaves are changing and the cool crispness of fall is in the air, how can we keep our children physically active as the winter months set in?

Growing up myself I was never allowed to sit in front of the TV watching “nonsense” and eating “garbage” all day long. So, in today’s age where there are all the iPads, PS3’s and whatever new cool devices may be out there, are we allowing our children to indulge in that more often than going outside and running off the endless energy?

Best part of keeping our children physical active is that while doing so, you are creating unforgettable memories with your child that will last a lifetime. Here are some indoor activities to entertain your children during those long winter months…

  • Have a dance party! – Move the furniture around, crank up the music and have fun! This not only is fun, but you’re burning calories for you and your kids.Dance
  • Play Simon Says – Now who doesn’t love Simon Says? Make it active as well. “Simon says jump up and down ten times”. Children love games and this will keep them moving.
  • Use couch cushions – Take the cushions off your couch and have the kids jump from cushion to cushion. Even better, make a race out of it. Again, kids love challenges!
  • Have an indoor scavenger hunt – This will keep them busy and moving for hours!
  • Games – Play games like Twister and Charades.

While these are just five of hundreds of ideas to keep your children active, they are all fun and memorable. Have other ideas? Post on our Barr’s Insurance Facebook page how you keep your children active during the winter months. Don’t forget to “Like” our page while you’re there!

~Kerri Yashinski, Guest Blogger

Personal Lines Account Manager

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