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There’s No Place Like Home for a Car Accident

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Backing out of DrivewayIt is alarming how many collision claims I have filed over the past few years for people having accidents in their garages and driveways.

Happens to the best of us right?

It has been said that most accidents happen within 2 miles of your home.

Why is this?

After a long day at work, we jump in our vehicles and hit the road home. Living in a rural area many have a long commute so once we get into our familiar neighbor our shield goes down and we are not quite so aware of our surroundings. They quicker we get home, the better.

One way to avoid an accident in your driveway is to back in.

Now, I know, it is much less of a task and more common to just pull in frontwards but it is the wrong method to take. Primary reason to this is in the morning as you leave for your daily commute, you have to back into oncoming traffic which can be challenging and is a leading cause to collision accidents, mostly fender benders.

Now some of us have an amenity of being able to turn around in our driveway but for most, out into oncoming traffic is usually the only way out. Backing into your driveway not only offers an easy way to leave in the morning but also provides a better field of vision so drivers can see in both directions.

As you approach your driveway, pull slightly ahead and to the right so traffic behind you can pass. After making sure traffic clear and there are not any obstacles in your way, use your reflecting mirrors and carefully back up.

Garage parking.

A lot of us has a small garage we have the luxury of parking our vehicles in to keep it out of the weather. Most of our garages not only store our vehicles but all of our “stuff” as well, making it a tight squeeze every time you pull in and out of your garage.

Growing up I thought this was strange but now as an adult think my grandmother had a brilliant set up in her garage. Hang a tennis ball from the ceiling of your garage so when you pull in your windshield is perfectly aligned with the tennis ball that you don’t pull ahead or back in too far and have a collision claim in your own garage.

Regardless of how close you are to home, always be on alert for your surroundings and others around you. Within seconds something can go wrong and an accident can happen.

We certainly hope you do not have a claim, but if you do, your agent at Barr’s Insurance will always be here to help you with the process.

Safe Travels this Holiday Season!

Kerry YashinskiBlogger: Kerri Yashinski

Barr’s Personal Lines Account Manager


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