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5 Coverage Mistakes

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Noahs ArkAnd the rain kept coming down….

I thought it was about time to get the Ark plans out and start building. You too?

With the rains came rising water….ground became saturated, and the drains and sewers just filled and filled to overflowing. You may have contacted your insurance agent only to hear that there’s NO COVERAGE!!

OH NO! Now what!

Newcoinsurance.com recently published an article entitled, Top 5 Home & Auto Insurance Coverage Mistakes.

They listed the top 5 coverage mistakes agents make that can cause you grief instead of the peace of mind that insurance should provide. 

1.Insufficient Limits
Too many agents offer low coverage limits to manipulate prices. It’s critical to have the right limits or you’ll be paying for losses, medical bills and damages out of pocket. And if you’re at fault you could get sued and lose everything. Make sure you are not giving up valuable coverage just to save a few dollars. It is just not worth it in the long run.

2.No Umbrella Coverage
Umbrella insurance is the best value in insurance. Umbrella policies provide added liability coverage above and beyond your regular home and auto limits. Umbrella policies also provide additional coverage that your home and auto polices don’t have. This is premium well spent.

3.No Uninsured Motorist
If you get hit by a “state minimum coverage” driver you better have Uninsured Motorist coverage or you’ll be paying to get your car fixed and any medical bills out of pocket. Consider the fact that 1 in 7 drivers are uninsured. There are ads everywhere pushing “state minimum coverage”.  Odds are not in your favor. Don’t be left paying for an accident that’s not your fault.

4.Missing Valuable Items
Your wife’s expensive jewelry is not adequately covered under your homeowner’s policy. In order for high value items like jewelry and collectibles to be covered they must be specifically added to your homeowner’s policy. These items can also be covered for more perils than they would under a regular homeowner policy.

5.Forgot Sewer & Water Backup
Water damage caused by sewer backup or water damage is also excluded from your homeowner’s policy. So if you have a finished basement it’s critical to add this coverage or your claim will be denied when you’re basement gets flooded. For higher coverage limits, you will need to purchase a separate flood policy.

Barr’s Insurance will assure you the peace of mind that you have the correct coverage for your needs.

Bring your current policies to our knowledgeable agents for a thorough review to ensure you have the proper coverage to meet your needs.

~Cheryl Pastor, Social Media Specialist

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